Gutter Installation

Do you think it may be time to get your gutters replaced? The rule of thumb is the lifespan of a gutter system is typically about 20 years. That is the timeframe of when you should start thinking about the possibility. There are also specific physical signs you can keep an eye out for.

Cracks and Splits

When your gutters start to crack and split, it is definitely time to get your gutter system replaced. The whole point of the gutter system is to take water away from the home, and when there are holes there is no way that all of the water can be transported. The leaking of the water through the gutters can also result in other issues.

Rotting Wood

Gutters can start to overflow when not maintained. This overflow can cause the wood surrounding the gutters, whether that is soffit or the siding of the home, to start deteriorating. This is another reason to get your gutters replaced, either with a larger size or a seamless gutter. It is also beneficial to find a company that can handle both the gutters and the woodwork so you don’t have to worry about multiple companies.

Improper Drainage/Mildew

The downspouts are supposed to lead water away from the foundation of the home. When downspouts start getting damaged, water tends to leak out and get into the foundation. A key thing to look out for is when mold and mildew start accumulating in the foundation/basement of the home. Repairs are possible, but most of the time if the problem persists, it is time to get new downspouts.
When it comes time to get the new system, there are a couple features you need to make sure are being offered. One characteristic is seamless gutter guards. Seamless gutter guards are the standard for replacements now, and this is because the seams can cause vulnerabilities in the metal. The result is weak spots where cracks can form.

Good Shepherd Roofing offers a 6-inch gutter system in virtually any color you could want. We will remove the existing gutter system and install the new one in one day!

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