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Commercial Roofing Solutions

Many customers many not be aware that Good Shepherd Roofing does a robust business in the areas we serve working with property owners and management companies helping to provider commercial roofing solutions.

Customers enjoy working with Good Shepherd Roofing for their commercial roofing needs because of our unique understanding of the challenges that can be present in budgeting, scheduling and delivering a commercial roofing solution.   Data center operators will have very unique needs versus a warehouse operators managing a cross deck operation for a third party logistics firm.  Recognizing that each commercial customer we deal with will have a unique set of needs for their commercial roofing project is key to our ability to be successful and deliver on the customer’s expectations while also ensuring we help keep their business, or their tenant’s business, operating without delay.

The Good Shepherd Roofing process for delivering our commercial roofing solutions is simple, battle-tested, and allows us to deliver a comprehensive and cost effective roofing solution each time.


The GSR Process


We have to listen closely to our customers and make sure that we understand the situation regarding their commercial property, their commercial roofing needs and the overall project parameters.  This is also where our team gets to ask questions about your experience with other roofers, the building itself or any other elements of data which can help us ensure we get the right solution for you.


Using our conversation as a base, our team then seeks to get onto the roof of the property and inside the property to do a comprehensive inspection.  During this learning phase we are getting hands on with your roofing system to understand all the elements of your roof that will help us bring the right solution to bear for you and your project objectives.  If there is not an existing roofing system and this is a new commercial roofing system install we will talk more in depth with you, your prospective tenants, the architect and the general contractor to make sure we are all on the same page regarding plans, materials, timelines and cost. 


You hired us to do a job.  During Step 3 we use our conversations and learnings to propose and lead you to the right solution for your commercial roofing system.  We work for you, and we also want to make sure that we utilize our expertise and experience to give you the very best roofing system that we can and that will suit your needs, use-case, budget and timeline. 

Commercial Roofing Solutions by Good Shepherd Roofing

Apartment complexes

A very common commercial multi-family build is apartment buildings. A variety of materials can be used on apartment buildings. Shingle roofs, Metal roofs, and some TPO solutions can be used during apartment roof replacements. Shingles are a cost effective option, while metal roofing is a more durable material to put on the roof. TPO should only be used on flat or extremely low sloped roofs.

Commercial Warehouse

Commercial warehouses are popping up all over the place. The most common roofs used on these buildings are metal and TPO. Metal is a good choice for commercial warehouses because of the durability and long life. TPO is preferred when dealing with a low slope roof of less than 3/12 pitch. The TPO membrane is a cost effective, durable material that expands with the shifting building.
Those are just a couple of the possible commercial roof replacements. Shopping complexes, standalone stores, and offices are a couple more examples of commercial buildings that may have several different roof material solutions. Every building has the right material, it just needs to be installed by the right roofer!

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