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Roof Storm Damage: 3 Tips to Take Now If You Suspect Damage on Your Property

Apr 20, 2024 | Home Tips, News | 0 comments


Homes amidst a Roof storm Damage, enduring wind and rain, symbolizing resilience and protection against nature's wrath.

Storms can be relentless, particularly in their impact on roofing systems. Homeowners must grasp the gravity of roof storm damage. This post delves into the common types of storm damage affecting roofs, such as wind, hail, and structural damage from falling trees or branches. We’ll also provide three essential tips for detecting and addressing roof storm damage, alongside key indicators to watch for.



Billion Dollar Storm

From 1980 to 2024, the United States has experienced a significant increase in severe weather and climate disasters, with 378 confirmed events each causing over $1 billion in damages. These disasters encompass a wide range of events, including 31 droughts, 44 floods, 9 freezes, 188 severe storms, 62 tropical cyclones, 22 wildfires, and 22 winter storms. Collectively, these catastrophic events have not only resulted in substantial economic losses but have also tragically claimed the lives of 16,356 people.

Analyzing the data over time reveals a concerning trend: while the annual average number of such events from 1980 to 2023 was 8.5 (adjusted for the Consumer Price Index or CPI), the most recent five-year period from 2019 to 2023 saw a dramatic increase, with an average of 20.4 events per year.

The escalation in both the number and severity of these disasters underscores the urgent need for enhanced infrastructure, better disaster preparedness and response strategies. It also points to the importance of integrating sustainable practices. The data not only serves as a stark reminder of the physical and economic vulnerabilities that weather can inflict but also as a call to action for policymakers, businesses, and communities to prioritize sustainability and preparedness in their planning.



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When All Hail Breaks Loose

The largest hailstone ever recorded in U.S. history fell in Vivian, South Dakota, on July 23, 2010. This extraordinary weather event set a new record with a hailstone measuring an impressive 8 inches in diameter and weighing 1.94 pounds. Due to its significant size and weight, this hailstone surpassed the previous record, which was held by a hailstone that fell in Aurora, Nebraska, on June 22, 2003. The Nebraska hailstone measured 7 inches in diameter and weighed 1.67 pounds.

The record-breaking South Dakota hailstone is now preserved and displayed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado. This preservation allows scientists and visitors alike to study and marvel at the physical manifestation of such extreme weather conditions. The hailstone serves as a tangible example of the potential severity of storm systems and the unusual meteorological phenomena that can occur. It also highlights the importance of continued research and monitoring of severe weather to better predict and mitigate its impacts.


Types of Storm Damage on Roofs

Close-up photo of a damaged roof shingle, lifted and torn due to wind, highlighting the impact of strong winds on roofing materials.

Wind Damage: Wind possesses formidable power, capable of lifting shingles, causing tears, or even ripping off parts of the roof. After a severe storm, missing shingles or a noticeable loss of granules may indicate wind damage. Inspecting the roof after a storm is essential to identify any signs of wind damage promptly. Look for displaced or damaged shingles, as well as areas where granules have been stripped away. Addressing wind damage quickly can prevent further issues and ensure the integrity of your roof.



Photo of a residential roof damaged by hail, showing pockmarked and cracked shingles from hailstone impacts, emphasizing the need for durable roofing.

Hail Damage: Hail bombardment poses a significant threat to roofs, bruising or puncturing roofing materials with ice balls of varying sizes. Post-hail, inspect shingles for dimples or circular patterns, clear indicators of hail impact. Promptly identifying and addressing hail damage is crucial to prevent further deterioration of your roof’s integrity. After a hailstorm, thorough inspection of the roof is imperative to detect signs of damage. Dimples or circular patterns on shingles indicate hail impact and potential bruising or puncturing of roofing materials. Addressing hail damage promptly can mitigate further issues and safeguard your roof against water infiltration and structural damage.



Photo of a residential roof with severe structural damage caused by a fallen tree, illustrating the hazards of inadequate tree maintenance.

Structural Damage: When trees or branches crash onto a roof, they inflict substantial structural damage, ranging from punctures to complete collapses. Though usually visible, this damage demands immediate attention to prevent further harm. Structural damage from fallen trees or branches is often evident but demands urgent action to avert escalation. Immediate attention ensures swift mitigation of potential risks and safeguards against further deterioration.


If You Suspect Damage, Follow These 3 Tips

1. Call a Roofing Professional and Get an Inspection: When you suspect roof damage, act swiftly by contacting a roofing professional without delay. A thorough inspection will promptly reveal the extent of damage and necessary repairs.

By promptly engaging a roofing professional, you ensure swift assessment and necessary repairs for your roof. Avoiding delays in addressing damage minimizes potential risks and ensures timely restoration of roof integrity.

2. Review Your Insurance Policy and Call Your Provider: Understanding your insurance coverage proves crucial; review your policy and contact your provider to discuss damages. Timely communication expedites the claims process.

By reviewing your policy and promptly contacting your insurance provider, you expedite the claims process. Clear communication ensures swift resolution of damages and minimizes potential delays.

3. Take Action If You Have Damage: Damaged roofs demand swift action to prevent further issues like leaks or structural damage. Collaborate with professionals for proper repairs or replacements.

Act promptly if your roof is damaged to prevent additional issues such as leaks or structural damage. Working with professionals ensures proper repair or replacement, safeguarding your home’s integrity.


Good Shepherd Roofing Services

At Good Shepherd Roofing, we understand the challenges that come with storm damage to your roof. To address these issues effectively, we offer a wide range of specialized roofing services tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Roof Replacement: Whether due to age or severe weather damage, we provide complete roof replacement services using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.
  • Roof Repairs: From minor fixes to major repairs, our team is equipped to handle all types of roof damage ensuring your roof is restored to optimal condition.
  • Gutter Installation: Proper gutter installation plays a crucial role in water management and protection of your home’s foundation and landscaping.
  • Gutter Guard Systems: We install top-of-the-line gutter guards that reduce maintenance and prevent blockages by keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters.
  • Commercial Roofing: Our commercial roofing services are designed to address the unique needs of business properties, ensuring durability and compliance with all regulations.
  • Insurance Related Claims: We provide comprehensive assistance with insurance claims, helping you navigate the process smoothly and efficiently to get the coverage you deserve.


Get a Free Roof Inspection

Don’t let storm damage compromise the safety and integrity of your home. Take the first step towards ensuring your roof is in top condition with a FREE roof inspection from Good Shepherd Roofing. Our expert team will conduct a thorough assessment, providing you with a detailed report and recommendations for any necessary repairs or improvements.

Simply fill out the form below to schedule your no-obligation inspection today. Protecting your home starts with a single step—let Good Shepherd Roofing help you take that step with confidence.

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